Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Power Pack

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This is our tried and tested Power Pack for your Trackhawk. This Power Pack is designed on a Dynojet dyno and tested in the real world! With months of research and development, you can trust our Power Pack will give you the most reliable power!

110+HP | 70+TQ GAIN


  • Underground Tuning Device w/ Map Switching From Mobile Phone!
  • Underground Power Pack Pulley
  • 180 Degree Thermostat
  • Engine Tune
  • Transmission Tune
  • PCM Unlock
  • Smart Access Cable (2018+ Models)


  • Burbles
  • Advanced Burbles (Requires Stage 2)
  • Super Burbles (Requires Stage 2)
  • MDS Delete (Removes 4 Cylinder Mode)
  • Multiple Octane Options (91 Octane & 93 Octane)
  • Spare Unlocked PCM


  • Map Switching From Mobile Device (Apple or Android) 
  • Return to Stock at Any Time
  • Diagnosis & read fault codes from the motor & clear fault codes
  • Data log & record the vehicles parameters and send them back to Underground Tuning


  • 2015+ Mopar Vehicles Require a PCM Unlock (Included in the Price). You must remove your PCM from your vehicle and ship your PCM to be unlocked (Shipping Label Included in Price) (Unlocking takes 1 business day once arrived). Once reinstalled, you can tune from your Underground Tuning Device!
  • 2018+ Mopar Vehicles Require a Smart Access Cable to be installed. You will receive a Smart Access Cable with your Underground Tuning Device if your vehicle year is 2018 and newer.
  • PCM Removal Video Link
  • Smart Access Installation Link


  • Stage 1: Factory Headers & Factory Mid Pipes
  • Stage 2: Aftermarket Headers or Cat-less Mid Pipes

Due to different mods, fuel, & conditions, Horsepower and Torque increases will vary.

Mobile App Tuning

Switch Maps, Diagnosis & read fault codes from the motor, Clear codes, Data log, & much more with our mobile app! Comes standard with all tunes!

Underground tuning device

Plugging the Underground Tuning Device into your OBDII Port allows you to connect to your Mobile Device Via Bluetooth and adjust your tune with ease!

Burble tuning

What makes Underground Tuning Unique from the rest is our ability to add Burbles to your Mopar. Also giving you the ability to turn it on and off from the mobile app!