Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Underground Tune void my factory warranty?

This is such a tough question to answer as there are so many variables that come into play. The simplest answer we can give you is more than likely it has the possibility of voiding your powertrain warranty. But it also depends on the dealership you are dealing with and what modifications you have done to the car.


Does the Underground Tune give you more horsepower?

Yes, not only do you get more horsepower and torque, but you also get a better driving experience making your vehicle more fun to drive. Burbles are an optional extra. 


Does my car require my PCM/ECM to be shipped out for unlocking?

No, if you have a 2011-2014 Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, or Ram + any Nissan & Infiniti

Yes, if you have a 2015+ Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, or Ram, + C8 Corvette. However, there is the option to buy a spare PCM which doesn't require you to send us your original PCM/ECM


Do I need to bring my vehicle to Underground to be tuned?

No, all of our tunes are designed to be done at the comfort of your own home. If you would like to come to our facility for our tune, you are more than welcome to by contacting us. and setting up an appointment first.


Do I need to unlock my PCM/ECM before purchasing a tune?

No, our tunes come with PCM/ECM unlocking. We also cover shipping to our facility to unlock your PCM/ECM and back to you.


What is the difference between the different burble options?

Burbles are normal popcorn pops, they can be ran with any of our stage tunes.

Advanced Burbles are loud pops and bangs with small flames. (Only to be used at the track for motorsports use ONLY) and only available for stage 2 or higher.

Super Burbles holds flames and only available for certain models.  (to be used at the track, or motorsports events ONLY)


What if my PCM/ECM is already unlocked?

MOPARS save $250 on their tunes if their PCM is already unlocked with HP Tuners! Just select "Yes" under the "Have You Ever Tuned Your Vehicle" Tab. If you have trouble, contact us.


What if my PCM is already unlocked with Diablo Sport?

If your MOPAR is a 2015-2017, you can run a Diablo Sport unlocked PCM with our tune. If your MOPAR is a 2018+, you must have your PCM unlocked with us. You must reinstall the stock tune from your Diablo Sport before shipping us your PCM.


Shipping my PCM/ECM, how does it work?

After placing an order with us, we send you a shipping label to send us your PCM for unlocking, then we ship it back to you with everything.


Can I drive my car while I wait for my tune?

The answer is simple, if the PCM is in your car, yes you can drive your vehicle until we send you the tunes you ordered (only for stage 1 and stage 2)


My different drive modes stopped working, is that normal?

If you just install a new unlocked PCM or just had your PCM unlocked by us, then it is normal for the different modes not to work for up to 1 hour of driving, then it will go back to normal functionality.


I only use 93 octane in my car, do I need a 91 octane tune as well?

We always recommend every to get a 91 and 93 octane tune just in case you end up in an area where they do not offer 93 octane. If need be, you can switch to the lower octane tune from your phone and takes about 30 seconds.


After flashing the tune on my car, my check engine light came on, what do I do?

Any time you flash a tune on your car, there will be DTC stored for no communication, and those codes just need to be cleared.


Can I run 87 octane fuel in my car with your tune?

NO! It is HIGHLY recommended you put premium fuel in your car prior to installing our tune. Running a lower octane than what your tune is set up for can potentially damage your engine and cause a catastrophic failure


What oil should I use with my new tune?

We recommend you use the OEM recommended oil weight in full synthetic. However, if you are running our power pack, we recommend going slightly thicker oil than factory.