About Us

The team at Underground Tuning is comprised of over 18 years of Motorsports and racing experience. At Underground, our main focus is performance gain, giving your car that exotic car sound, performance packages for our customer cars, and giving you an overall better driving experience.

We have seen other platforms make the tuning experience so easy, but struggle to understand why it was so difficult to have the same with Dodge, C8, and other platforms that we support. We took it upon ourselves to give our customers the best and easiest experience when it comes to tuning their car. Simple enough to where you can change the tune from your phone, and bringing your tuning experience to  the modern standards.

Underground Tuning is owned and operated by two automotive enthusiast, gearheads, and motorsports junkies. 


Underground Tuning is comprised of two people, Jordan Butler and Ahmed "Habibi"




Ahmed is worked as a technician for the first half of his career then decided but have always had modified cars. While upgrading his car, he always found it incredibly difficult to find someone to tune his car to his standards. Frustrated by lack of tuners, Ahmed took it upon himself to learn tuning and start using his newly acquired skill tuning his personal car. Having successfully tuning his car, then friends